Theson Properties is a renowned estate agency firm said by many to be the fastest growing real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria. With core understanding of asset valuation, capital market and today’s dynamic real estate marketplace, we offer our customers strategic and serene locations free from any form of encumbrance where they can make an investment in real estate owing to our partnership with credible development firms.

We are geared to providing a peaceful, harmonious, secure and aerated environment of living in Lagos to our clientele, our main target audience are – low and middle-income group. With the over-congested and excessively polluted Lagos metropolis, we aspire to make life more simple, refreshing and relaxed by carefully selecting the best of places free from chaos and stress, providing every of our client tels a good and comfortable abode for comfort and a healthy living.


To help you realise your dream of owning properties, selling properties, leasing properties and buying properties.


To be the number ONE real estate agency that best understands and satisfy all your real estate need.


Integrity, Purpose, Power, Passion and Perseverance.


When we agree to perform, we perform as agreed.

  • Attitude:

Think positive, think big and start small


  • Knowledge:

Learn continuously, improve continuously


  • Teamwork:

Let’s work together as partners


  • Synergy:

No one makes it alone in real estate


  • Customer Service:

Exceeding clients expectations




  • Our ultimate key to success is God and our workforce (employees and partners)-skilled, spirited and creative, who will exert their wills and imaginations to solve problems.
  • We do not know everything. But every day, we would learn something new, apply it, and make progress. This is because real estate includes many hidden details.
  • We spend a great deal of time researching every detail that might be relevant to the deal(s) we are interested in making. Thus, prepare ourselves thoroughly by doing the background work first.
  • We include the facts and opinions of others into our investment decisions but never surrender our decisions to our advisers. I.E. we shall take responsibilities for all our economic activities and have no need to blame others or to be continually finding fault.
  • Since real estate offers more people more opportunities than any other type of investment, we shall apply a systematic possibility-driven method to discover, create and harvest rest estate value.