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My name is Moses Onyebuchi, a real estate investment advisor.

*How did you get interested in Real Estate?*

My days as an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, in Economics department inspired my venture into Real Estate.  Precisely during my 300 level as a student I observed a need for off-campus accommodation among the students at the end of each semester exam. To this regard, I set up an Estate agency to fill this space, thus providing assistance to students in need for off-campus accommodation at a fee. Upon graduation and completion of the NYSC scheme, I decided to continue rendering real estate services. Thus, I had to relocate Theson Properties to Lagos state.


Please note, there is a promo on this property…..(Buy 5plots and Get 1plot free on outright payment basis).

*What are the opportunities in Lagos regarding Real Estate?

As you already know, Lagos state is the commerce hub of Africa, a city with great investment prospects. Presently, Lagos is the hottest investment zone in Africa that is seating multi billion dollars international projects that will skyrocket individual’s or group investments. Such projects are:


  • Dangote Refinery
  • Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • Beach Resort Centers
  • La Campagne Beach Resort
  • International Gold Centers
  • Lekki Deep Seaport
  • Dangote Private Jetty
  • Dubai Smart City
  • Lekki Epe International Airport, etc


According to sources, the development of Lekki free trade zone is expected to have 400,000 workers, where a lot of people are now moving to the area and will trigger off demand pressure. Thus, the reason why it is advisable to invest in property in the zone for future, as such investors will benefit from the influx of people to the area.

In addition, owning landed properties in the area is one of the surest ways to build and save. Now imagine you own a real estate investment that you can grow in value by over 70-100% in one year. Therefore, Theson Properties can use her expertise to help you as a discerning investor with strong property interest in the Lekki-Epe corridor to profit massively from the investment. Opportunities abound in the Lekki-Epe corridor to earn massive consistent returns on investment.


Also, there is a promo of buy 5plots and get 1plot free on outright purchase only.

It is said that the best time to buy a land is 5 years ago and the second best time is now. What are the opportunities in buying a land in an affordable location right now?

 Remember, buying a property in a great location is better than buying a great property in an ordinary location. Thus, Theson Properties core duty is to make sure you buy the right property in the right location with a good title, excellent topography, free from government acquisition and other claims.

Many property experts who are the promoters of ‘Silent Lekki Investment Option, said investment thinking individuals who want to retire well in the future should invest in something that can generate extra money or cash-flow for them outside the regular take home monthly package, pointing out that investment in landed property in Lekki axis is a guarantee to retire well.

However, various sources have disclosed that Ibeju Lekki will generate more than 70% of Lagos wealth by 2025 and the reasons are very obvious to any smart investor. By this revelation, it therefore implies that only those who understand the trends can make money investing in what I call the Silent Lekki Property market.



What areas in Lagos would you advice people who are interested in buying a land to get a good buy?

The areas are:

  • Sangotedo
  • Abijo G.R.A.
  • Lakowe
  • Bogije
  • Ibeju Lekki (Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery, Lekki Deep Seaport axis, etc)
  • Epe
  • Ikorodu

Where do you see Theson Properties in the next five years?

By the Grace of God, Theson Properties in five years’ time would become one of the credible developers. Thus, developing properties and reselling, either for residential or commercial use. Our first location of choice is Okun-Imedu axis of Ibeju lekki where La Campagne Beach Resort is located.



Many people fall victim of scam while trying to buy a land. What do you advice this set of people?

 Before investing in real estate, do a lot of research. Know your location; ask a lot of questions like accessibility, go for site inspections, request for the survey plan and visit surveyor general’s office of the state to confirm the authenticity of the land using the land coordinates.

When investing in property, title is key: The land title is very key when acquiring land/properties. Properties in Lagos state are either Certificate of Occupancy, Governor’s Consent or Gazette, Excision, etc

For property investments, once you’re done paying for the property and settling legal requirements, you directly own the asset and have virtually complete control over it. Permit me to say thus “an unsuccessful venture doesn’t mean failure”. In other words, because you have been exploited or scammed doesn’t mean there are no credible real estate firms/realtors/agency out there.

Also, avoid buying undervalued properties especially from individuals with no verifiable proof of ownership. If you must own a piece of property, consider the assistance of credible realtors like realtor Moses Onyebuchi or Theson Properties.



Theson Properties has grown in leaps and bounds in the past three years. What do you think is responsible for this?

We give Glory to God Almighty, Theson Properties is nothing without God. Also, our Values and Principles (i.e. Customer Service, Due Diligence and Excellence) ensures that our clients are left satisfied, and always refer their friends and family back to us.


Do you provide consultancy for companies and individuals who may want to get quality advice on the best opportunities in Real Estate in Lagos?

Yes, we do. Our office in 16A Sule Abuka Close, Opebi, Ikeja

What is the next big thing we should expect from Theson Properties in the next two years?

By the Grace of God, Theson Properties is working hard to fully empower Theson Properties Block Industry in strategic locations within Sangotedo, Bogije, Epe Town and Ibeju lekki axis in two years time.

Finally, what are the core values that help drive the profitability for Theson Properties?

 Our core values are: Integrity, Purpose, Power, Passion and Perseverance.

For your choice properties in any part lagos, we can help you.
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